Printed Calendars – more than just hanging paper on a wall

Printed calendars are special because they allow you to showcase your business, 365 days a year.   Therefore they are still an excellent marketing idea, even in the digital age.

Calendar Design

The most popular calendars styles are wall calendars or desk calendars.  Calendars are easy to design and there many free calendar templates online.   A good calendar needs 12 or 13 great photos.    Choose photos that reflect your business, your company ethos, events that have happened over the year or your great staff.   Create a positive and appealing message that makes an impression on the reader.

Calendar History:

Time-keeping and recording is as old as mankind but the world’s first official calendar was credited to Julius Caesar. The Julian calendar made 1 January the start of the year. The problem with the Julian calendar however was that it did not take into account leap years.
The Gregorian Calendar, which replaced the Julian Calendar in 1582, took into account leap years, the rotation and revolution of the earth. The time in which the earth circles the sun is approximately 365.25 days which the Gregorian calendar rounded off to 365. The Leap year therefore ended up having 366 days.

Printed calendars

The first instance of a printed calendar was by Johannes Regiomontanus, one of the foremost scholars in mathematics and astronomy during the 15th century.  In 1472 he built an observatory and erected his own private printing press in order to publish his discoveries satisfactorily.  He was one of the first to realize the impact printing would have in disseminating scientific knowledge, and his printing output included the first edition of his Calendar.  (from article by:  Linesh Jose)

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