For Business and Students

Document binding comes in a range of styles and sizes.  Here is a quick run through on the most popular binding options available.

 Comb binding

Plastic Comb Binding

This popular method of binding for schools, colleges and universities permits rotation of the pages on the comb allowing documents to lie flat for easy reading and if required – copying.   Comb sizes range 6mm – 51mm so that documents from 10 to 480 sheets can be bound together.  Combs are available in black, white, red, blue and clear.

Wire O binding


Wire O binding

versatile binding style for business and student reports.  Gives 360 rotation and a modern contemporary look.  Wires typically coloured – black, white, red, blue as well as silver and bronze.  3:1 pitch wire will hold 20-100 sheets and 2:1 pitch wires will hold 120-180 sheets of standard 80gsm paper.  Good for all sizes of documents A5, A4 and A3 and in between.

Velo (Sure) Binding

velo-bind 1

Velo (Sure) Binding

high security heat-welded strip binding system.  Durable and tamper proof, ideal for legal and confidential documents.  Also popular for first submission of PhD thesis.   Produces a strong, prestigious looking document for a budget price.  Capacity 10-480 sheets available in black strip (other colours are available).  A4 only.

All the above binding types can be ordered online via our website or in person at our store.   For busy students all these bindings are available while you wait – taking the stress out of turning in your work.

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