Advantages of Print

In the digital age the advantages of print are still apparent:

Tangible:   Print is a physical medium.   One that the customer can hold, smell and touch.  In contrast internet ads and emails are easy to ignore and are highly disposable.  Printed materials are particularly useful in the marketing of high end, luxury and exclusive products and services.    A well designed glossy brochure can convey so much.

Credibility:  Printed media are generally regarded as being more legitimate and trustworthy than online.   Extra caution is also required online with the prevalence of malware and spyware.

Branding:   Print can help you to solidify your brand.   Ads that have a consistent look in terms of fonts, colours and images help to establish greater customer recognition.  Therefore familiarity and trust are enhanced and customers more inclined to buy.

Engagement:  Many scientific studies have shown that reading, learning and understanding are superior using printed materials.    Something to consider for businesses involved in education and training.

Saturated:   Many people find that the internet is simply over-crowded.  Many dislike being bombarded with online advertising.  So it is worth considering using printed materials to boost your message and keep your customers onside.

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